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What are Indications for Treatment?

There are exceptions, but as a general rule the following criteria must be met before an individual is considered for weight loss surgery:

A. Patient must be a minimum of 100 pounds or more over ideal body weight or have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 40 or more. A patient may be considered with a BMI of 35-40 if severe co-morbidities exist.

B. Patients must have had previous unsuccessful attempts at weight loss, including medically-supervised diets, with or without exercise and behavior modification.

C. Between the ages of 18-65.

D. Patient must demonstrate a willingness to make the necessary changes in lifestyle and eating habits.

E. Patients must demonstrate a commitment to The New Image behavioral modification and long term follow ups.

Some of the reasons weight loss surgery may not be an option is there is a history of alcoholism, impaired liver function, serious psychiatric disability or a correctable hormonal cause for the obesity.

Medical Treatments

Medical approaches to treatment of severe obesity include many different combinations of low calorie diets, behavioral modifications, exercise, and diet supplements. Low calorie diets have been widely publicized as having dramatic success with the treatment of obesity. The diets usually contain 400-800 calorie intake per day, with increased protein and decreased fat. However, with the absence of successful behavioral modification, most patients regain their weight within 1 year. Therefore, this is an effective short term solution, but not effective for long term treatment.

Drug therapy for obesity has been disappointing. Although studies have shown that anorexigenic drugs give short term benefit, prolonged and sustained weight loss has never been proven.

There may be medical complications because of rapid weight loss which are further discussed under another section.

Surgical Treatments

Surgical procedures for weight loss are the one method that has shown successful long-term results. Depending on the procedure, 88% of patients successfully lose significant weight and studies have shown that the weight can remain off for 15 or more years after surgery.

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