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Because of its surging prevalence and associated medical conditions, obesity is becoming epidemic and represents the next health care crisis in the U.S. In a recent seven year period, the percentage of obese individuals in the U.S. increased by 50%. However, there are very few safe and effective remedies available to patients and their health care providers to try to combat this obesity epidemic.

The traditional methods of dieting and behavior modification, while occasionally effective in the short-term, are highly ineffective as a long-term solution. Medications that promote weight loss are generally ineffective (providing a 5-10% loss of total weight) and can have serious side effects (increased risk of irregular heart beats, high blood pressure, stroke, and death). Exercise program can improve someone’s cardiovascular status and lead to overall better health, but generally lead to only small amounts of weight loss (5-7%). Indeed, the available surgical options for weight loss have shown tremendous weight loss potential (60-75% of the amount overweight) and have shown long-term sustainability of that weight loss (up to 18 years in some studies).

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New Image now offering a monthly support group devoted to destructive eating behaviors. The group will address eating disorders that continue after Gastric Bypass or Gastric Band Surgery. More



"I’ve steadily lost over 100 pounds. My life has changed dramatically and I have never felt so good. Dr. Artuso is a lifesaver!" Carol Newman

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