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The medical attempts at weight loss for morbid obesity are many but the results are few and generally discouraging.The differences in the number of diets (both fad and medially-managed) are many but the results are often similar. There is often initial weight loss, but then weight regain when the diet is discontinued. Behavior modification associated with dieting can be more effective, but then again weight regain is common when either or both treatments are discontinued. Behavior modification alone without some attempt at dieting is generally ineffective.

Exercise therapy, whether individual or formally at a class or with a personal trainer, can improve one’s health significantly. It can improve one’s cardiovascular status and improve the functions of someone’s heart and lung functioning. However, there is rarely significant weight loss involved with exercise alone, and even when combined with dieting will usually lead to the common yo-yo effect of weight loss following by greater weight gain.

Drug treatment for weight loss has proven ineffective with potentially serious side effects. Former drugs that led to significant weight loss led to increase risk of lung and heart valve abnormalities, sometimes leading to death, and have been withdrawn from the market. The more recent medications have only minimal effectiveness (with weight loss averaging 5-10% of body weight). For example a 200 lb person would generally lose 10-20 pounds maximum and could easily regain that weight when the medication was stopped. Some of these medications also have serious side effects, such as the potential for blood pressure elevation; less serious side effects include increased diarrhea and increased flatulence.

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