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Medically Managed Diets

All patients who are overweight or obese should make attempts at weight loss before resorting to surgical therapy at weight loss. The most common therapy for weight loss is dieting whether with supervision of a professional (Physician or Nutritionist) or individual dietary plans. A medically supervised diet usually involves meeting weekly or every other week with the professional and reviewing types and amounts of food intake.

Depending upon the professional and his/her experience or preferences, the types of food allowed can vary widely. These can include low carbohydrates, low fat, or equal portion of both with better portion control. There are also low-calorie and very-low calorie diets (400-1200 calories) which can be successful but are difficult to continue long-term. In fact, all diets require tremendous self-discipline and studies show their effects are marginal unless they are combined with behavior modification techniques. Even when they are, a great majority of patients regain all lost weight when the diets are discontinued.

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New Image now offering a monthly support group devoted to destructive eating behaviors. The group will address eating disorders that continue after Gastric Bypass or Gastric Band Surgery. More



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