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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my stomach always remain small and tolerate no more than 3 ounces per meal?

Answer: No, the stomach is a muscular organ and can expand like any muscle in the body. It is not uncommon for patients to be able to tolerate six ounces of food 2-3 years after weight loss surgery. However, most patients keep their weight off because they have learned to eat healthier and also are often more active than prior to gastric bypass surgery.

Will I require vitamins supplements after weight loss surgery?

Answer: Patients undergoing Gastric Banding surgery will usually require vitamins for the first six months after surgery. Patients undergoing Gastric Bypass surgery (Laparoscopic or Open) often require vitamin supplements for a longer time (twelve months or longer). Patients undergoing Gastric Banding (Lap-Band) usually can be off vitamins in 4-6 months.

Will I suffer hair loss?

Answer: Due to reduced nutritional intake (especially protein) a large number of patients experience thinning hair (30-50%). This usually occurs during the period of reduced food intake (3-7 months). Nearly all patients see a significant improvement with return towards normal when dietary intake is improved (6-12 months).

Will I need plastic surgery after my weight loss surgery?

Answer: Because of extreme weight loss, 40-50% of patients suffer from excessive abdominal skin. If it is large enough and is bothersome to the patient, they may be candidates to undergo plastic surgery to correct the condition.

How long will it be until I have my bariatric surgery?

Answer: Most patients will receive appointments for the initial consultations within 7-10 days when they call the office, sometimes within the same week. After the patient is initially seen, most patients will receive their bariatric surgery within 4-6 weeks barring any unforeseen issues (i.e. insurance difficulties, life-threatening medical conditions, etc.)

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